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Sportsheets Sex & Mischief Brat Thigh & Wrist Cuff Set

Sportsheets Sex & Mischief Brat Thigh & Wrist Cuff Set

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Witness the allure of defying commands while looking undeniably enticing. Demonstrate to your Dom/me that they can exert restraint to fulfill their desires with the Sportsheets Brat Thigh + Wrist Cuff Set. Crafted to accommodate a variety of thigh sizes, this restraint system ensures a comfortable fit for a wide range of body types. The connecting straps can be adjusted individually, ranging from 1.5" to 21" each, allowing for a customized and secure fit.

Soft cuffs offer a comfortable experience, enabling you to indulge in your favorite positions without discomfort or restriction.

Product details:

  • Thigh to wrist cuff set
  • Allows for all your favorite positions
  • Soft cuffs for added comfort
  • Accommodates a variety of thigh sizes


  • Connecting straps adjust from 1.5 to 21 inches


  • 51% Polyester, 40% Polypropylene, 7% Nylon, 2% POM
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