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The Golden Rule

The golden rule regularly referenced in the kink/BDSM community is, “SSSC” meaning Safe, Sane, Sober, Consensual. As it applies to wearing a penis cage, consent and safety are of utmost priority.

Wearing a penis chastity device should be fully consensual on behalf of the wearer at all times. Wearing a male chastity device can serve as a symbol of commitment, discipline, and/or control. The relationship between a chastity wearer and Dominant partner (or Keyholder) is an extremely intimate experience. Boundaries and parameters should be discussed and agreed upon in advance between all parties.

Keyholders bear the responsibility of caretakers; coercing or forcing the submissive/chastity wearer into a cock cage is a violation of an individual’s trust and consent.

Various exceptions for device removal discussed prior to installment:

  • Travel
  • Medical procedures or appointments
  • Device cleaning
  • Occasional penis play/orgasm

Additional agreement with a Keyholder prior to installment:

  • duration of wear
  • A safeword
  • Spare key access
  • Emergency scenarios

Proper Fitting Cock Cage

CB-X® Chastity cock cages are made of high-performance lightweight polycarbonate, which is designed to prevent stretching, pulling, or weighing down on the penis during use. If you are experiencing discomfort after the penis chastity device is installed, the pin and spacer may be too short, resulting in the device fitting too tightly around the scrotum and penis shaft. If it feels abnormally tight, it probably is. Trust your intuition!

  • Measuring your anatomy is the #1 priority when choosing a male chastity device. Using a cock cage or U-ring that is too tight can be the cause of discomfort, urination issues, and/or other comfort concerns, even if the cage is being worn for a short amount of time.
  • A properly-fitted cock cage should be roomy enough to feel comfortable while also preventing a full erection.
  • You must have enough clearance between the base ring and the cock cage for a proper fit and may need to use a longer pin and spacer if you are experiencing an improper fit. (provided in a complete chastity kit)
    ♦ Please keep in mind that the locking pins and spacers are matched sets and should be kept together.
  • Five different u-ring sizes are included in all CB-X chastity kits to ensure the most comfortable and precise fit.
  • For larger anatomies, we recommend reviewing the dimensions of our Large and XL U-rings (sold separately) prior to purchase.

To ensure a proper fit, please visit our Sizing Guide.

How to Wear a Chastity Cage

Be sure to lubricate both the penis and inside the cock cage before installing the cage onto a flaccid penis. Insert the penis into the cock cage all the way to the cage tip, and then attach the cage to the installed base ring. You must understand how to wear a chastity cage properly for the fit to be comfortable and secure. See our instruction video here on how to put on chastity cage.

Note: CB-X® Chastity devices are not compatible with penis piercings.

How to break out of your CB-X Cock Cage Device

If you are experiencing an emergency and need to remove the device quickly without a key:

  1. Keep one hand on the cock cage to keep it firmly in place and use the other to twist the lock.
  2. Twisting the padlock firmly will break the center locking pin at the eyelet where the lock is attached.
  3. By breaking the center locking pin you will then be able to remove the device.

Replacement locking pins and locks are available on our website.

Note: Our one-time use plastic locks are designed to be removable by simply cutting the clip. However, these locks are individually numbered, so your Keyholder will know if you have escaped. Please use caution when cutting your plastic lock with scissors, or any other sharp tool.

Disclaimer: CB-X® (A.L. ENTERPRISES, INC.) does not assume responsibility for any injury from the use of authentic CB-X® products. We do not warrant or claim any specific results, and are not party to any illegal use.

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