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The purpose of wearing chastity devices varies depending on personal preference, and the type of experience you are looking to achieve. While chastity play is frequently associated with kink and BDSM practices, it does not maintain this connection for many chastity cage-wearing individuals. Chastity devices are commonly worn to: 

  • Enhance foreplay and intimacy

  • Serve as a token of commitment

  • Consensually experiment with relationship power dynamics

  • Intensify the wearer’s orgasms when the penis is not locked up

We recommend using a pleasure product cleaner or mild, unscented antibacterial soap, combined with a soft brush to clean your chastity cage. Remove the chastity cage from the body completely, separate each part, and wash individually, ensuring each crevice is thoroughly cleaned. Fully dry with a cloth before storing or re-installing. Chastity devices should be washed a minimum of once per week, depending on your personal hygiene needs. Hand wash only, not dishwasher safe.

Yes, all CB-X cages are compatible with the locking mechanism. If you purchase or own one CB-X chastity kit, it can be interchanged with any of our other chastity cages. All parts are interchangeable as well for your customization purposes.

A CB-X chastity device is made from high-performance, medical-grade polycarbonate. This type of plastic is not detected by metal detectors. However, metal locks will, so be sure to swap out for a single-use plastic lock to fly under the radar.

If the chastity cage wearer becomes turned on or experiences an erection while wearing a CB-X chastity device, the cage will prevent a full erection from being achieved. Additionally, the chastity cage will become tighter on the shaft and scrotum.

Yes, CB-X chastity cages are suitable for anyone, including sex toy beginners, or advanced kinksters. Whether the wearer is interested in short-term or long-term chastity, CB-X is known for offering easy-to-use, beginner-friendly chastity cages that are safe, comfortable, and durable for all penis owners. 

If you are experiencing an emergency and need to remove the device quickly without a key:

  • Keep one hand on your installed device to keep it firmly in place and use the other to twist the padlock
  • Twisting the padlock firmly will break the center locking pin at the eyelet where the lock is attached.
  • By breaking the center locking pin you will then be able to remove the device.

Replacement Locking Pins and Padlocks are available to purchase separately on our website. 

The keys from the padlocks cannot be replaced as every lock is keyed differently.

For safety purposes, CB-X chastity devices are not designed for compatibility with Prince Albert / penis piercings.

Yes, all of our polycarbonate chastity cages are compatible with both water-based and silicone lubricants. However, we recommend using a hybrid lubricant because it is longer-lasting than just water-based lubricant, not as sticky as silicone-only lubricant, and will keep the penis shaft lubricated with little to no re-application during installation.

Our patented Points of Intrigue are ideal for intermediate to advanced chastity wearers. The purpose of Points of Intrigue is to either discourage an erection or to deliver an enhanced experience during an erection. Each tip is semi-buffed to prevent cutting the penis during arousal or removal.  (Sizes are approx. 1/8”, 3/16” and 5/16”.)  

Note: The Points of Intrigue is installed after the spacer, and before the cage is attached. To attach, simply run the locking pins through the holes.

All chastity cage components (parts included in CB-X chastity kits) are also sold separately, including brass locks, plastic locks, U-rings, base parts, spacers, and locking pins. 

Each CB-X chastity kit comes with five (5) single-use plastic locks. The plastic locks do not require a key; they are tamper-evident and must be cut for removal. These durable mini padlocks are used for various purposes, including:

Travel - pass through metal detectors undetected (TSA safe)
Discreet - less bulky size underneath clothes
Convenient - no keys needed for removal 
Keyholder lock-up (during travel) - each lock is individually numbered so if you cut the lock and replace it your keyholder will find out!

Should you wish to dispose of a chastity kit or any of its components, please dispose of all pieces in the trash/garbage. Please note - your city may have different rules and/or abilities for recycling polycarbonate plastic. (we encourage you to find out first prior to recycling) 

No, a chastity cage does not require you to have a partner to enjoy. For those without a partner or chastity keyholder, wearing a self-locked penis cage either short-term or long-term can help the wearer practice full self-control. A penis cage can limit erections, prevent distraction, improve focus, and can also provide more intense and satisfying orgasms when the penis is unlocked. 

Yes, it is possible to achieve orgasm while locked in a chastity cage. Note that orgasms and ejaculation are two different things, and you can you ejaculate without having an erection as well.

Yes, our packaging is always discreet! We ship in plain boxes with no reference to CB-X, or any chastity-related verbiage. The sender address is listed as “A.L.E.” on the shipping label. 

Note: if you are an international customer the customs documents are as discreet as possible but do often include the word "cage".

Yes, we ship internationally! Please enter your shipping information at checkout to see estimated shipping costs and estimated delivery times to your destination. You may also visit our Shipping page for more information.

Domestic/US shipping carriers: USPS and UPS
International shipping carriers: USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL

Before purchasing your chastity device, it is important to determine the cock cage style that will best fit your lifestyle or desired experience. Our chastity devices feature a polycarbonate fully ventilated cock cage, which helps reduce chafing and perspiration during use. Also, minimal access to the penis allows the user or a partner to engage in teasing while the penis is locked (great for foreplay and short-term chastity wearing). CB-X cock cages are built for short-term and long-term use, whether you are new to chastity play, or a well-seasoned veteran. 

Ensuring that your cock cage fits properly is the next step, and we recommend you read our Chastity Sizing Guide.

Sizing tips:

  • Our measurements are referenced in inches -- please consider this when comparing your penis size to our listed product sizes.
  • We recommend measuring the length of the shaft while flaccid, starting at the base (against the body), out to the tip.
  • To find the cage with the correct inner diameter for your size, wrap a soft measuring tape around the ​​girth of the flaccid shaft (this would be the circumference) and divide that number by 3.14.
  • Alternatively, use a digital caliper to find the diameter of your shaft.

For detailed sizing instructions, please check out our Chastity Sizing Guide for a complete breakdown and our recommendations on how to choose the correct CB-X cock cage for your anatomy.

If you have any questions about sizing, please email us at or send a message on our contact page, you can also find us on our Live Chat. We will do our best to ensure you are accommodated with the correct size. Your ideal fit exists!

To put your chastity cage on, the penis must be flaccid - a chastity device cannot be installed on an erect penis. 

Install Steps:

  • Place the U-Ring under and behind the scrotum, so the U-ring is snug with the scrotum and penis.
  • Attach Base #1 to the U-Ring, with the pins facing away from the body.
  • Insert your chosen size Locking Pin through the center hole of Base #1
  • Slide Base #2 on to the pins of Base #1, completing the U-Ring to make a base ring.
  • Now slide the corresponding Spacer onto the center Locking Pin. (note: the spacers are designed to fit their specific locking pin size)
  • Lubricate the inside of the cock cage and your penis, and then slide the Cage onto the lubricated penis.
  • Continue to slide the cage on until the head reaches the tip of the Cage.
  • Align the pins with their corresponding holes on the Cage and complete the installation by sliding them through until the center pin hole is visible.
  • Attach the lock arm through the center pin hole, and click the lock shut.
  • Give your key to a Keyholder, or store away from yourself for safe keeping.

All CB-X chastity kits include 5 different u-ring sizes, with the inner diameter measurements ranging from 1.5 inches to 2 inches. If the largest U-ring (#1 - 2”) doesn’t fit your anatomy, we recommend our Large (2 ⅛”) or X-Large (2 ¼”) U-ring.

Please contact us with any additional sizing questions.

Your device should fit snug and secure without causing discomfort or loss of blood flow. 

Due to the added weight while wearing a chastity cage, you may experience ball stretching. We recommend removing the cage if the fit or weight causes (non-consensual!) extended discomfort or pain. If you experience skin chafing while wearing your device, this can be alleviated with a skin-safe lotion/moisturizer - we recommend the Coochy Sweat Defense cream-to-powder lotion found on our site.

Yes - we design our chastity cages for both short-term and long-term chastity wear. Some chastity wearers have been locked for upwards of 3 years, with removal only for cleaning. Wearing the correct size for your personal anatomy you should be adequately comfortable for extended wear. If you are not comfortable in your cock cage, we suggest re-measuring your anatomy to determine the correct size. 

We encourage all customers to research any potential effects of long-term chastity wear as a preventative measure, and peace of mind.

We receive inquiries from penis owners from time to time in regard to "turtling". Turtling is commonly known as a 'buried penis''. This refers to the penis becoming ‘buried’ when surrounding areas of the penis gather fat.

For those who may be losing weight and are wondering if the penis will change in size as a result, the short answer is no. Weight loss does not increase the size of the penis. (However, if you are overweight and lose extra body fat around your thighs and stomach, your penis may appear bigger.)

With that said, your penis cage measurements will likely be the same regardless of any weight loss - but as always, please be sure to measure your penis size prior to purchasing your CB-X device.

Adding the Points of Intrigue or the Anti-pullout to your chastity device may help achieve a proper fit with a turtling penis.

CB-X cages can be worn with any type of underwear. However, tighter underwear can provide support by holding a caged penis closer to the body. We recommend wearing what is most comfortable for you when locked up. Some users enjoy wearing split-crotch panties with their chastity device.

A Keyholder is someone who keeps control of the key to your lock, while you are locked in your chastity device. A Keyholder can be your partner, a Dominatrix, a Mistress, a friend, or anyone you choose. You may also choose to not have a physical Keyholder, and instead use a timed lock box for your chastity key. The timer lock and lock box can be found on

Currently, CB-X does not offer Chastity keyholding services.

Please review your details entered at checkout, including:

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  • Fraudulent alerts from your bank

If you have continuous issues, please contact us via the contact form, live chat, or email

To cancel your order, please send an email as soon as possible to with your order number. Note: Order cancellations after two business days may not be possible as we process, pack, and ship orders daily, Monday through Thursday.

If your shipment is already in transit and you wish to cancel your order, do not open the delivered package when you receive it. Write “return to sender” on the unopened package and return it to your mail carrier. Please note, we must be notified via email at, prior to your shipment being returned.

They are not. Your order may incur import duties and taxes (including VAT) once a shipment reaches the destination country. CB-X/A.L. Enterprises Inc. is not responsible for these charges if they are applied. Any import fees/customs duties owed are the responsibility of the customer.

Please email, submit a contact form, or use our Live Chat feature online as soon as possible.

Note: Change of shipping address requests after two business days may not be possible as we process, pack, and ship orders daily, Monday through Thursday.

No, our packing slips do not include product prices. If you would like to omit a packing slip from the shipment, please contact with your order details at the time you place your order. 

We offer a limited one-year manufacturer defect warranty on all CB-X® products. For any issues relating to manufacturer defects please contact for inquiries.

If your CB-X® chastity cage (or any of its components) breaks, please do not use any type of adhesive, glue, or bonding agent to repair your cage. (use of these will void your warranty) We offer a one-year warranty on our CB-X products for issues relating to unforeseen manufacturer defects. (Proof of purchase required.) Please contact for inquiries.

Unfortunately, our patented CB-X chastity devices have been duplicated and manufactured by other companies. These are counterfeit (knock-off) CB-X chastity cages. All authentic CB-X® parts are stamped with the letters, “A, L, E”, US patent number #8.007.431, “CB-X”, or any combination of these markings. Please note: product design, safety features, and functionality are at risk with counterfeit CB-X products. **Our warranty does not apply to any counterfeit CB-X chastity product.

Since 2018, CB-X has prioritized the durability and quality of its chastity devices. This has been achieved through specialized testing of each chastity kit component during our manufacturing process. These tests include weighted drop tests from various heights, ultrasonic welding pull tests, twist tests, and bending tests. Consistent positive results from our quality control testing procedures help to ensure the quality and lifespan of all CB-X® products. 

Note: while CB-X chastity cages are made from durable polycarbonate, we do advise against using heavy force and/or impact to prevent defects that are not attributed to our design or product production. 

Due to the intimate nature of all products on the CB-X site, we do not accept any product returns or exchanges. Once an order leaves our shipping facility and is marked as delivered by the mail carrier, the item is considered used, and cannot be returned or exchanged. This policy is implemented to ensure the health and safety of our customers. 

If you are experiencing a fit issue with your CB-X chastity device, please contact us at, or via the Live Chat feature on our website.

If you didn't find the answer you were looking for, please contact us using the contact form, live chat, or by email to