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Anti-Pullout Chastity Accessory

Anti-Pullout Chastity Accessory

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Keep your lockdown even more secure with this NEW accessory. The anti-pullout is made to help users who experience the penis "backing out" of a CB-X® chastity cage, stay locked in tight. Find your most comfortable fit with three sizes to choose from and enjoy your CB-X chastity device for long-term wear.

Product details:

  • Three sizes in one package
  • Not compatible with the CB-3000

Finding the right fit
As you are deciding which size (A,B, or C) is right for you, make sure you have access to the key in case the fit is not correct and you need to change the part for a different size.  If the anti-pullout is too tight, you may have a difficult time urinating and there can be a change in the color of your shaft. We recommend immediately changing to a large size if these issues occur.  After a day of wearing the cage with the anti-pullout, take the cage off and inspect the shaft for any problem areas.  If you are able to urinate freely and there are no comfortability issues, you have the correct fitting size. Along with comfort is security.  Are you able to pull out?  If you can, you should consider using the next smallest size.

How to install
There are three sizes of the CB-X anti-pullout provided in the package. The largest is marked "A", medium "B" and the smallest "C".  Size A is meant for a soft shaft with a diameter measuring close to 1 ½” (38mm). Size B is meant for a soft shaft with a diameter measuring close to 1 ⅜” (35mm). Size C is meant for a soft shaft with a diameter measuring close to 1 ¼” (31mm).

Begin by following the instructions for installing your CB-X device, up to step 6. Do not pull the tube onto the alignment pins and locking pin.  Keep the cage separated from them for now.  
Take your chosen size anti-pullout part, and while the cage is on the shaft, angle the cage downward while taking the anti-pullout part and inserting into the cage along the inside upper surface of the tube. (note: per the installation instructions your shaft should be lubricated)  While installing the anti-pullout, you will need to lightly squeeze the shaft of the penis so that you do not pinch the skin between the anti-pullout and the cage.  
Once you have the anti-pullout in place, check that the backside of the part is flush with the cage and that no skin is trapped uncomfortably.  If skin is trapped, pull the anti-pullout out of the cage just a bit and continue to angle it up against the inside top of the cage until the entire backside of the part is flush with the cage.
When you have the anti-pullout in place, you are ready to pull the cage up and through the alignment and locking pin, and place the lock through the locking pin hole.

There is a bit of play where the anti-pullout fits into the tube. If that causes you trouble, you can bend out the sides of the part for a tighter fit in the tube. If you want to get a tighter fit on the front tab, this can also be adjusted by bending it down just a bit. To make modifications to the part:
1. Use a microwave safe container and put about 3 inches of water in it.
2. Put the container of water in the microwave and bring it to a boil (roughly 1 - 2 min - varies by microwave)
3. Put the anti-pullout part into the container with the boiled water and microwave for another 30 seconds.
4. Remove the part from water with tongs, as the piece will be extremely hot - and place in a towel. You can now either bend out the sides, or bend down the front tab, whichever you wanted to modify. If you need to bend out the sides, you will bend out the sides and then squeeze them a bit to fit it back into your tube.
5. After you’ve made your adjustments, with the part in the cage, now put it in the freezer for about 5 minutes. Device will retain its shape when removed from the freezer.

*You can repeat the molding process as many times as you need to ensure a custom fit.

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