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For nearly 25 years, CB-X has been the world-leading chastity manufacturer, specializing in the development and production of award-winning chastity kits and cages. We pioneered a new lifestyle of ultimate denial and pleasure through the restraint of locked cocks with our beltless chastity device, the CB-2000. Though discontinued, we now have six models which are revered by new and seasoned chastity wearers, worldwide. CB-X chastity devices are crafted for durability, safety, security and comfort – and they continue to be requested by name amongst retail consumers. Our complete product line is tailored for all chastity wearers, whether occasional, short-term, or permanent wear. Currently operating out of Las Vegas, NV, the CB-X team is proud to maintain our small business roots after initially launching as a husband-wife team in 1998. As the world’s most trusted chastity cage manufacturer, our focus remains on delivering high-quality product offerings and outstanding customer service.

Quality Guarantee

CB-X chastity devices are crafted to serve as the strongest, most reliable, and secure line of cock cage systems on the market. We’ve engineered our chastity devices using medical-grade polycarbonate and advanced quality-control testing procedures to ensure a resilient, hygienic cock cage device. All CB-X designs keep you locked away comfortably and securely, the CB-X guarantee is unmatched. We offer a 1-Year Warranty for all products purchased directly on cb-x.com to ensure that your chastity-wearing experience is a step above the rest.

Designed for long-term use

Along with the reliability and security of our Chastity devices, we have rigorously tested the purpose and function of all components in each of our expert-engineered chastity systems. We are confident that our durable cock cage design is suited for any duration of time, whether short-term chastity wearing, or long-term lockup.

Customized Fit

The overall design and fit of a chastity device can make or break a chaste lifestyle. Our patented cock cage locking ring system is designed to safely and securely fit most anatomies. Our intention is to create chastity cages that are inclusive of all bodies and will accommodate beginners and Kinksters alike.

Travel Discreetly

Stay locked up with confidence and discretion while traveling in our chastity devices to experience complete denial all around the globe. CB-X medical-grade polycarbonate chastity devices are suited to discreetly pass through metal detectors when used in conjunction with our one-time-use plastic locks.

CB-X chastity kits come equipped with five individually numbered plastic locks that allow you to pass through TSA with ease. These locks are also available in a 10-pack or 30-pack sold separately. Users beware! Keyholders will know that you removed and replaced the lock by confirming the number on your lock upon your return. If those numbers don’t match, expect you will be disciplined.

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