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Chastity Kit Replacement Locking Pins 4-pack

Chastity Kit Replacement Locking Pins 4-pack

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Find your perfect fitting cock cage with four different sized locking pins to be used with corresponding spacers for CB-X® chastity devices. It is detrimental the fit of your chastity device to use the proper sized locking pin with its corresponding spacer when installing your cock cage. The locking pin and spacer will determine the gap where your scrotum hangs between the base of the device and the cock cage. Too tight and the blood flow to your testicles will be restricted; too loose and the chastity device may slide off.

Product details:

  • Contains one of each locking pin size offered in a complete kit
  • For use with corresponding Spacers

What to know prior to purchase

Accurately measuring the penis length and diameter will help ensure that you purchase the correct chastity cage size. 

There are two main factors to consider when choosing a cock cage - 1) size of anatomy, and 2) fit preference. If you are looking to achieve a specific fit, such as tight, or more restrictive, exact measurements may not be as relevant. 

Step 1: Follow the step-by-step Chastity Sizing Guide

Step 2: Review CB-X Chastity Tips

Step 3: Review our Shipping Policy 

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