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Oxballs Ultracore Squeezing Ballstretcher with Axis Ring

Oxballs Ultracore Squeezing Ballstretcher with Axis Ring

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Elevate your ball stretching game. with the Ultracore Squeezing Ballstretcher with Axis Ring! The Oxballs ULTRACORE system is designed for those who crave the most intense ball-stretching experience. Perfect for the "big ballers," this system offers the ultimate bag-gripping stretch.


  • CORE Ballstretcher: Features outer ribs for an extended stretch, providing a taller, more padded grip in the middle for an intense squeeze.
  • AXIS Power Ring: This ribbed, rubbery ring has internal channel ribs that seamlessly morph with the CORE ballstretcher's outer ribs, enhancing the overall grip and stretch.

Unmatched Design and Performance:

  • CORE Ballstretcher: On its own, the CORE ballstretcher delivers a medium-firm squeeze with a smooth inner tunnel that wraps snugly around your sack.
  • Combined Power: Add the AXIS power ring on top of the CORE for an unparalleled MAX BAG SQUEEZING experience. The combined effect of these two components maximizes your stretch to new levels.

Innovative Ballstretcher Design: We prioritize the big details when designing for your ball needs. Our extensive research into ball stretching ensures that the ULTRACORE system offers the most effective and comfortable stretch. We understand that stretchers often stack rings for maximum effect, and ULTRACORE is engineered to meet those needs.

How to Wear:

  • Apply a little lube or spit for easier application.
  • Stretch the CORE ballstretcher and drop your sack through, adjusting it to your desired position. The inner hourglass shape ensures it stays in place.
  • For the maximum squeeze effect, slide the stretchy AXIS ring onto the middle rib of the CORE ballstretcher.

Product details:

  • CORE ballstretcher has more squeeze inside
  • CORE has ridges outside for AXIS inner ridges to grip
  • AXIS power ring is designed to add double the squeeze to CORE
  • Extra-soft and smooth material

Core ball stretcher measurements:

  • Length 2 inches
  • Width 2"
  • Depth 1.75"
  • Outer circumference 7"
  • Inside diameter 1-1.2"
  • Outside diameter 2"
  • Weigh: 2 oz

Axis power-lock ring measurements:

  • Length 2 inches
  • Width 2"
  • Depth 0.75"
  • Outer circumference 6.5"
  • Inside diameter 1"
  • Weight 1 oz


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