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Oxballs Squeeze Soft-Grip Ball Stretcher - All Colors

Oxballs Squeeze Soft-Grip Ball Stretcher - All Colors

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Oxballs Squeeze Ball Stretcher is lightweight and compact, designed to feel like a hand squeezing the ballsack down. Made from signature Flex-TPR, this ballstretcher is lightweight and compact. The curved design of the inner chamber grips the balls without strangling them. Each end of the Squeeze Ball Stretcher is lined with a soft, squishy padding to help push the balls down.

The word "SQUEEZE" in capital letters is imprinted on the ballstretcher.

Product details:
  • Each end features an inner ring to keep balls in place
  • Curved hourglass shape
  • Designed to grip without being too tight
  • Lightweight material
  • Ergonomic design is made for comfort
  • Pushes balls down and away from the body for a stretching sensation
  • Texture is super-soft and blubbery
  • Available in clear, red, silver, black, and hot pink


  • Made of stretchy FlexTPR 


  • 2 inches tall
  • 3.5" inner circumference


  • One Oxballs Squeeze Soft ball stretcher
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