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Hunkyjunk Fractal Tactile 1.5" Ballstretcher - Multiple Colors

Hunkyjunk Fractal Tactile 1.5" Ballstretcher - Multiple Colors

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Elevate elongate...your CBT play with the Fractal Ballstretcher, crafted from Hünkyjunk's smoothest, rubbery-soft Plus+SILICONE mix. This premium ball stretcher is designed for extended play, offering the perfect balance of fit, feel, and soft grip to accommodate large testicles as well as high-and-tight (or beginner) ballbags.

Oxballs' Fractal Tactile Ballstretcher is just the right size and stretch for superior ball play. With its rubberier inner layer, this ballstretcher stays securely in place, providing a satisfying squeeze and unparalleled comfort. Made from Hünkyjunk's exclusive Plus+SILICONE blend, this ballstretcher provides a lush, velvety finish with a warm, fleshy stretch that feels incredibly smooth on your skin.

The Fractal Ball stretcher features a thicker middle section for extra squeeze where it’s needed most, while the top and bottom stretch a bit more to ensure the perfect grip without slipping or pinching.

This CBT ballstretcher offers a simple yet effective design that prioritizes comfort and performance for the best ball stretching experience.

How to Use:

  1. Apply a bit of lube for ease.
  2. Stretch the ring while standing, ideally after a gym session or in the shower/tub when your sack hangs lower.
  3. Tuck your balls through the stretcher and adjust for a secure fit.

Product details:

  • Ballstretcher made for long-wearing comfort
  • Inner swell design puts more squeeze in the middle
  • Best size for most ball sacks
  • Rubbery rims are thick and rounded
  • Matte velvet finish silicone/TPR blend


  • Length 1.5 inches
  • Width 1.5"
  • Outer circumference 6"
  • Inside diameter 1-1.4"
  • Weight 1 oz.


  • Plus+SILICONE (TPR blend)
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