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Points of Intrigue Chastity Cage Accessory

Points of Intrigue Chastity Cage Accessory

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The Points of Intrigue® add another dimension of play to the CB-X® chastity experience. Tease and punish yourself, while giving your Keyholder satisfaction, with three levels of increasing points to keeping your cock from ever thinking of release. Most users find this strengthens the bond between Keyholder and partner, by increasing communication and obedience while wearing the Points in your lock up. Be rewarded with the shortest points for a mild sensation, install the medium points for a tantalizing time, or use the longest points for a wild experience.

Product Features
  • Set of three points
  • Varying in size from Mild to Wild
  • Compatible with all CB-X complete chastity kits

How to use: Simply choose your points of pleasure and slide them over the spacer on your CB-X kit for installation.

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