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CB-6000 Wood-Grain Chastity Kit

CB-6000 Wood-Grain Chastity Kit

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On sale for Black Friday! Get a complete CB-6000 Wood Finish Chastity Kit for $60! No code needed!

Contain your woody by locking your member in the most popular chastity device worldwide, the CB-X® CB-6000®. The CB-6000 chastity cock cage kit has a 3 ¼ inch cage length, and this wood-grain finish is the perfect starter for beginners or simply might be the best choice based on preference and anatomy size. The CB-6000 Wood is made to wear for short or long-term use and in all daily activities. You'll never worry about security or comfort in the world-leading, most trusted CB-6000 chastity device.

Five u-ring sizes and multiple pins with corresponding spacers are provided in the kit to help find your custom fit. The kit is available in five colors: clear, pink, chrome, black, and wood-finish.

Product Features:

  • 3 ¼ inch cage length*
  • 1 ⅜ inch inner diameter
  • Wood-grain overlay finish
  • Made from body-safe, medical-grade polycarbonate
  • Durable, hygienic, hypoallergenic, and lightweight
  • Comfortable and customizable fit
  • Functional opening for urination
  • Vented cage design for easy cleaning

Kit includes:

    Note: "Cage length" Is the length of the cage itself. (Not from the back of the ring to the end of the cage.)

    See a pictorial video on how to install here!

    Cock cage Sizing

    It is important to use our sizing guide to properly measure the penis length and diameter before making your purchase. Accurate penis measurements will effectively match a CB-X® chastity device best suited for your anatomy. There are two main factors to consider when choosing a chastity cock cage, anatomy size & fit preference. If you are looking to achieve a specific fit when locked up, such as tight/or more restrictive, exact measurements may not be as relevant. See more information on how to measure and choose the right CB-X chastity device on our sizing guide page.

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