CB-X Chastity Kits

The Complete Chastity Experience

All CB-X Kits include a cock cage in the selected model size and color, five sizing U-rings, and multiple spacers with corresponding locking pins, for a customizable fit. Additionally included in the Kit is one secure Master Lock with key, five one-time use individually numbered plastic locks, and a packet of premium lube for first time installation.

CB-X Full Kits - CB-6000S Pink with U-rings - Spacers - Pins - Plastic Locks - Lock - Keys
Mini Me Chastity Cage Details
Mr Stubb Chastity Cage Details
CB-6000S Chastity Cage Details
CB-3000 Chastity Cage Details
CB-6000 Chastity Cage Details
The Curve Chastity Cage Details

Mini Me

Mr Stubb




The Curve


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1 Year Warranty

1 Year Limited Warranty

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1 Year Limited Warranty

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