Why Invest in a CB-X Chastity Cage? Here are Three Reasons

Why Invest in a CB-X Chastity Cage? Here are Three Reasons

Three Reasons to Invest in a CB-X Chastity Cage

If you find yourself reading this blog post, you are likely doing your homework before purchasing a chastity cage device. Bravo!

Maybe you’ve combed through Reddit for chastity cage advice, or you’ve read dozens of online reviews without making a final decision.

Of course, there are many different chastity cages available including metal penis cages, stainless steel chastity cages, or silicone cock cages. Depending on the occasion, you may choose a heavier chastity device as opposed to a lighter, more discreet design. There is a reason and a season for all types of chastity cages!

We can speak to what we do best: creating the most reliable and trusted polycarbonate chastity cages available. It goes without saying that we are biased, for obvious reasons. If we said otherwise, we would be lying, and that simply isn’t our style. We stand behind our brand for many reasons - this blog lists three of them.

Keep reading to learn a bit more about why CB-X chastity is a brand worth investing in!

Safety First

We are very aware of the mass market options for CB-X knockoffs, or counterfeit chastity designs. Additionally, counterfeit brands often use the CB-X brand name on a completely different type of chastity cage that does not belong to CB-X. Sadly, knockoff brands that either steal the CB-X name or our patented chastity cage designs do so because of the credibility and positive reputation that we have built within the chastity community over 25 years. This makes it clear to us that we produce an outstanding product. Many customers would agree, as the CB-6000S is consistently rated as one of the best chastity cages available.

Unfortunately, these tactics can lead to confusion for new chastity cage wearers, and also compromise your personal safety due to faulty parts, careless manufacturing, or generally cheap design.

Those who opt for a cheaper chastity cage, specifically a CB-X knockoff cage, will end up spending more money long-term to eventually choose our high-quality chastity cage that doesn’t break quickly, or cause discomfort. Here are a few common issues that chastity wearers experience after purchasing a cheap, or CB-X knockoff cage:

● Cheap plastic does not provide stability during short or long-term wear

● Chastity cage seams can result in red lines or bruising on the penis

● Single parts are loose; moving around and pinching frequently

● Ill-fitted or inaccurate dimensions

● Rigid/unfinished plastic edges

You can rest assured that our premium-grade, hypoallergenic polycarbonate chastity cages go through rigorous safety testing procedures to ensure that every chastity cage we ship lives up to its reputation of safety and durability.

CB-X offers a One-Year Manufacturer Warranty on all authentic chastity cages, so in the unlikely event that you experience a manufacturer defect, all authentic CB-X cages are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Meet Your Maker

When you purchase a CB-X chastity cage, you are purchasing from the longest-standing, industry-leading chastity cage manufacturer in modern history.

The original CB-X chastity cage (CB-2000) was created by the Founder of the company, who created a chastity cage due to his own personal interest. Meaning, CB-X chastity cages were created by someone who was a new (and curious) chastity wearer many, many moons ago like many of our customers are today. Over time, our chastity cage designs have evolved to meet the needs of chastity cage wearers today, from beginner chastity to advanced experience levels.

We have always, and will always keep the chastity cage user in mind. One way we do that is by ensuring that you are properly set up with everything you need to get started on your chastity cage journey from the very beginning. CB-X chastity cages are interchangeable using the standard parts included in our kits. When you are ready to try a new cage color, or size down to Mr. Stubb, or size down again with Mini-Me, you can purchase each new cage individually without having to invest in a whole new kit.

Finding the right chastity cage size for you can be a trial-and-error process. To save you time and hassle, five different u-ring sizes come with every CB-X Chastity Cage Kit, so that you can experiment risk-free. Not sure about permanent chastity? We get it! That’s why we also include a set of plastic disposable locks (in addition to a brass Master padlock with keys) in your chastity kit. All individual Chastity Cage Parts are available separately as well in case you need a replacement over time.

Customer Support

Okay, we consider this a bonus to the other reasons we mentioned above, as far as why you should invest in a CB-X chastity cage. Our highly-trained staff has consistently received positive reviews since day one.

We are constantly scouring the web for CB-X product reviews and user feedback. That said, each of us is well-equipped to assist you with basic Chastity Tips and the most technical chastity questions. Aside from email assistance, you can chat live with our (real, human!) CB-X support staff during weekday hours of operation.

This is not always the case with products we purchase online, or otherwise. For example, if you purchase a product from Amazon, you are purchasing from a third-party or unverified seller who does not specialize in the product they are selling. On top of that, getting in touch with customer support can be a tricky process. When you shop with CB-X, you can rest assured that you are going straight to the source and speaking with the folks who have manufactured chastity cages since before “locking your thing in a thing”…was a thing!

Please remember that CB-X products are never authorized for sale on Amazon, eBay, or other third-party marketplaces! These are non-authorized sales of our products and will not be covered under our manufacturer’s warranty.

We remain focused on providing the best experience for you, from our behind-the-scenes manufacturing practices down to outstanding customer support. (Plus, you receive a complimentary piece of CB-X swag in every order!)

Disclaimer: our customer support team is here to deliver professional, accurate information on chastity cages. We show our new and returning customers the utmost respect; we ask that you conduct conversations accordingly. Thank you!

To sum it up…

It is possible that your first-time chastity experience may fall short by experimenting with low-quality products, and you give up altogether. For people who are pro-chastity like us, that would be a shame! Don’t take the chance. High-quality chastity cages like CB-X are worth the investment because peace of mind is priceless.

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