Male Chastity - What's in it for the Keyholder?

Male Chastity - What's in it for the Keyholder?

If you’re a male chastity fetishist, you already know (or have an idea, if you’re just exploring the possibility) why this kink appeals to you.

But what does a male chastity cage do for the Keyholder?

Be it Master or Mistress, Daddy or Mommy, Sir, Milady, Lord Master Sparkly Dragon Pants… or any other appellation of respect, you place immense trust in your Keyholder. And, as you consent to hand over an immense level of control to your Keyholder, they consent to take on an incredible responsibility.

Almost seems like you’re the one having all the fun, huh?

Of course, just as your wants, needs, and desires are unique to you, what your Keyholder takes away from the power exchange between you will also be unique. But these are some of the most common benefits that Keyholders take away from locking a penis in a cock cage.

Male Chastity Keyholders Relish Control

You don’t take control of someone’s masculinity and lock it away like a naughty scullery maid unless you’re at least somewhat of a control freak.

For many KHs, this level of control over another’s most primal functions – not just the sexual aspects but basic biological functions as well – provides that heady rush of power that Dominants live for.

This also requires no small amount of self-control on the KH’s part, if they are to maintain the right balance. They want to push you right to the edge but catch you before you fall down the other side and safeword.

Some Keyholders Get to Indulge Their Inner Sadist

Although not all Keyholders are sadists, most do have some sadistic inclinations. Why else would they enjoy the delicious torment they cause by using a penis chastity device on a willing submissive?

Again, your Keyholder must find the delicate balance of how much teasing, denial, pain, humiliation – or whatever it may be – that you can take (oh, and they will make you beg) to get where you need to be.

Keyholders Lock You in Chastity to Help You

Above all, your Keyholder is concerned about your well-being. They agree to this complex dynamic because you need it – for whatever reason – and you will benefit from the experience.

Sure, the Keyholder gets to have fun along the way (as do you) but, ultimately, they’re going to give you what you need while making sure you are well cared for.

For example, your Keyholder will insist that you have the right size chastity cage. Your Keyholder will also, no doubt, insist that you only play with a high-quality male chastity device. The last thing either of you want is for any “bad” pain or permanent damage to occur.

Once you select the proper size and style cock cage, your KH will ensure it’s properly situated on the penis, and that you won’t be able to make an escape – you can only imagine the kind of punishment that stunt might earn you. And then, let the games begin.

The cock cage preferred by Doms/mes and Keyholders around the world is the CB-6000 male chastity device from CB-X. As the recognized industry leader in male chastity devices for more than a decade, our products are highly durable, lightweight and hygienic.

Now that you’re ready to indulge your fantasies of wearing a cock cage and being at the mercy of your Keyholder, visit our secure and discreet website to choose your CB-6000 male chastity device.

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