The History of Chastity Cages

The History of Chastity Cages

Our quick "history" lesson on penis chastity devices.

There is evidence that chastity devices have been in use since the 15th century and were referred to then as a chastity belt. During the 15th century, masturbation and other non-marital sexual activity were not approved by the church. Therefore, a chastity cage was worn as an abstinence tool to deny men (and women) access to their genitals; to prevent them from engaging in masturbation, oral sex, and other sexual activities.

Origin of the the word Chastity:


Early male chastity belts in history involved an encasement for the penis attached to a waist belt that would be worn tight to the body and secured with a locking mechanism to prevent it from being removed. These penis cages were constructed with steel and iron and the waistbands of the same, or leather material. Over time they have evolved to be more comfortable and made of lightweight materials, like our male chastity devices which are made from polycarbonate plastic. Modern-day cock cages like the CB X CB6000S that is molded out of body-safe plastic, allow the person wearing it to make fewer modifications to their daily routine. Wearing a CB X cock cage allows the wearer to sleep, shower, swim, work out (we do advise caution), and urinate, all without having to remove the penis cage.

In todays world

Although the male chastity device has a lot of ancient history, the practice of consensual cock cage wearing is still growing in terms of popularity. We are now, in the 21st century, seeing it make appearances in modern-day mainstream publications and media.

A spotlight for the CB X CB6000 chastity device can be seen in a popular TV show. The chrome CB6000 male chastity device can be seen in season 6, episode 5 of the Showtime series Californication. This episode features a cheating husband Stu Beggs (played by, Stephen Tobolowsky) being confronted by his wife Marcy (played by, Pamela Adlon), and her friend. As punishment for his infidelity, he was asked to wear a cock cage to get back in her good graces.

Even though we haven't seen a lot of penis chastity talk in the mainstream, a group of loyal chastity device wearers do exist and often have online platforms to share their experiences in chastity cage wearing. Reddit is often a very resourceful online community when you are a beginner chastity device wearer. Our customer service team is also available to help with your chastity sizing and we have resources regarding how to properly wear and participate in penis chastity play on our site,

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