#1 Male Chastity Cock Cage

#1 Male Chastity Cock Cage

We have been the world leader in male chastity For over 20 years

The Original Male Chastity Cock Cage

CB-X has been leading the industry for over 20 years with our innovative Male Chastity Cock Cages. From the beginning we started a new lifestyle of restraint and pleasure through locked cocks and ultimate denial.

Men across the globe are tantalized and teased with their cocks securely locked away in our patented penis cage design giving them a certain feeling of helplessness and pleasure as their keyholder keeps them restrained longer and longer.

The Only Male Chastity Device that Deserves a Lifetime Warranty

Our line of Male Chastity Devices are the strongest, most durable, and most secure cock cage system on the market. We’ve engineered our cock cages using medical grade polycarbonate and advanced manufacturing processes to give you a resilient, durable, and hygienic cock cage device.

Nobody beats our patented design keeping you locked away comfortable and secure with the peace-of-mind that comes with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.


Cock Cages Designed for Long Term Use

The market for our product is extensive and Along with the durability and security of our male chastity devices we have rigorously tested and reviewed the purpose and function of all components in our cock cage system for long term comfortable wear. Our devices are not simply training or play-time toys, but a functional engineered restraint system made to bring your carnal desires into submission.

The product appeals to men and women alike.

Rock It Like You Locked It

We’ve designed our male chastity cock cages to be the ultimate pleasure denial tool for all walks of life. From curious housewives, BDSM fetishists, and sissies being put in their place we have the device suited to your restrained and locked down lifestyle.

Our male chastity cock cage kits allow you to lock your cock away and give your keyholder the means to exercise total domination over your cock’s freedom and sexual release.

The Discreet and Travel Ready Cock Cage

Our male chastity devices are ready for airport security and wherever you travel. Go through security completely locked down without delay with our strong metal detector safe polycarbonate cage. 

Our kits come with 5 numbered plastic locks that allow you to get in line and pass through TSA for the ultimate long term cock cage experience not skipping a moment of complete denial around the world.

Finding Freedom Through a Caged Cock

Partners and Doms agree, your locked cock is pure freedom. Giving away your choice for pleasure and temptation can release the burden of your innate carnal desires. Our custom fit cock cages give you the freedom to choose how you lock up and how long your keyholder keeps you locked up.

A cock cage’s fit and customization can make or break a chaste lifestyle. Stay comfortable and secure with our custom fit patented design for the ultimate male chastity experience.


Choose your CB-X Male Chastity Device now and experience total lockdown.


The Original Male Chastity Device


The most popular chastity cock cage


Get more out of a smaller cock cage


Can I buy a product on Amazon or e-Bay?

There are no authorized sellers of authentic CB-X devices on Amazon or e-Bay. Please choose another reseller.

How should I measure myself to find the perfect CB-X model?

When your penis is fully flaccid measure from the base of the shaft of the penis to the tip. Based on the measurement and how you prefer it to fit pick the size that is best for you and your partner. We cannot suggest which model you should purchase and will not be held responsible for a model that does not fit.

How are the packages shipped?

All items are shipped discretely in plain parcels with A.L. Enterprises as the sender.

Do you ship to International Countries?

Yes we ship anywhere in the world. Custom Taxes and Fees are the buyer’s responsibility.

Do you offer a warranty?

All products carry a lifetime warranty (certain conditions apply) Should any part of your device fail, please contact us at customerservice@cb-x.com

Do you sell to retail stores?

Yes, we do sell to retail stores. Please contact our office for details at customerservice@cb-x.com

Are there counterfeits of your products on the market?

Yes, there are many foreign and domestic counterfeit products made to look like CB-X Products. Counterfeit products are a violation of Copyright, Trademark and Patents held by CB-X.

What is your return policy?

Due to the nature of our products we do not accept returns or exchanges.

How can I be sure I am buying authentic A.L. Enterprises designs?

If you have any questions about whether a seller you are dealing with is selling authentic A.L. Enterprises products, please contact us and we will be happy to verify that they are authorized sellers.

Are the rings interchangeable with all product cages?

Yes, all of our U Rings are interchangeable with all our CB-X products. 

Can the products be used at men’s urinals?

A lot of customers say they can use the products at the urinals. They have found that it may be helpful to have a piece of tissue to dry the end of the cage. On the other hand, some men prefer to sit while using the restroom.

Are Points of Intrigue available for your products?

They are available, and can be purchased on our website.

I am having a hard time fitting into my cage. What can I do?

Try a silicone based lube and lube the shaft of the flaccid penis to easily slide into the cage. If you feel that you are not fully in the cage you can also try the “Stocking Trick”. Cut the toe part of the stockings off and slide it over your penis, slide the cage on and pull the stocking from the tip of the cage as to pull the penis as far forward in the cage as possible.