the world leader in chastity

CB-X has been leading the Chastity industry for over 20 years with our innovative cock cage design. We pioneered a new lifestyle of ultimate denial and pleasure through the restraint of locked cocks with our belt-less Chastity device.

Users across the globe are tantalized and teased with their cocks securely locked away in our CB-X® Chastity device. Our cock cages give the feeling of helplessness and ultimate pleasure that you desire. 

locking your thing in a thing is a thing

Taking away the choice for pleasure and temptation can release the burden of your innate carnal desires. We’ve designed our Chastity devices to be the ultimate pleasure and denial tool for everyone. From the curious committed couple to BDSM fetishists, our device is the best suited to please your restrained and locked down lifestyle.

Our Chastity device allows you to lock your cock away and give your keyholder the dominance over your sexual freedom and desires.

A lifetime Warranty

Our Chastity devices are the strongest, most reliable, and secure line of cock cage systems on the market. We’ve engineered our Chastity devices using medical grade polycarbonate and an advanced strength testing process to give you a resilient and hygienic cock cage device.

Nobody beats our patented cock cage design that keeps you locked away comfortably and securely, with the peace-of-mind of a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.


Designed for Long Term Use

Along with the reliability and security of our Chastity devices, we have rigorously tested the purpose and function of all components in our cock cage system. We are confident that our durable cock cage design is suited for long-term wear. Our devices are a functional engineered restraint system made to bring your deepest desires into submission.

customized fit

The cock cage fit and customization of a Chastity device can make or break a chaste lifestyle. Our cock cage system allows you to customize fit to your personal anatomy. We know each body is different and we want our Chastity device to be available to everyone. Stay comfortable and secure with our patented design for the ultimate chastity experience. 

a chastity device for everyone to enjoy.

travel discreetly

Confidently and discreetly stay locked up while traveling in our Chastity device to experience complete denial all around the world. CB-X® devices are ready for your world wide travels and allow you to discreetly pass through metal detectors completely locked down in our polycarbonate cock cage, using our one-time use plastic locks. 

CB-6000S Male Chastity Kit - Box

Our kits come with five individually numbered plastic locks that allow you to pass through TSA with ease. User beware, your Keyholder will know that you removed and replaced the lock to your Chastity device by confirming the number on your lock upon you return is the same as when you left. If those numbers don’t match, we expect you will be disciplined. Purchase larger packs of the on-time use plastic locks here.


Choose your CB-X Chastity Device and experience total lockdown.


The Original Male Chastity Device


The most popular chastity cock cage


Get more out of a smaller cock cage


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