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Nip Zip Ice Cube Cooling Nipple Arousal Balm

Nip Zip Ice Cube Cooling Nipple Arousal Balm

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Experience a delightful cooling sensation by applying Nip Zip Nipple Arousal Balm directly to the nipples. Within 1-2 minutes, you'll feel an invigorating effect that can last anywhere from 20 minutes to over an hour. For an even more intense experience, try wetting or licking the nipples after applying Nip Zip, and gently blow on them. The coolness lingers after application, and additional moisture and exposure to air enhance the sensation. It heightens sensitivity and promotes a perkier appearance for all bodies.

This kissable formula is a quick way to add a little razzle dazzle to your nipples, and explore a different, and often underrated erogenous zone. Nip Zip pairs perfectly with nipple clamps, and for those wearing chastity cages with limited access to ....other areas.

Available in Strawberry Mint and Chocolate Mint.

NOTE: High temperatures create a higher probability of melting during transit July-September. If this item is ordered during the high-temperature months, CB-X assumes no responsibility if it melts in transit and will not accept returns or issue credits on this item or on any products that were purchased with this product that it may have melted on and damaged. 

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