Get all the necessary tools for play time.

Pull out all the stops with accessories to fit your needs in every situation. All the extras that help you be discrete and comfortable everywhere and anywhere. Whatever you need for CB-X Male Chastity models. Male Chastity Accessories from Locks, U-Rings, Spacers, Lube, and Cleaner.

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    CB-X Original Plastic Locks

  • CB-X Care Kit Bag

    CB-X Care Kit

  • CB-X Original Base 1 Clear

    CB-X Original Base #1

  • CB-X Original Base 2 - Clear

    CB-X Original Base #2

  • Original CB-X Locking Pins - White

    CB-X Original Locking Pins – 4 Pack

  • Clear Spacers for Original CB-X Male Chastity Devices - 4 pk

    CB-X Original Spacers – 4 Pack

  • JO® PREMIUM Silicone Lube

  • JO Refresh Antibacterial Foaming Toy Cleaner

    JO® Refresh Foaming Toy Cleaner

  • MasterLock - Brass Lock CB-X Male Chastity

    PADLOCK – Master Lock

  • CB-X - Points of Intrigue - Male Chastity Device BDSM Accessory

    Points of Intrigue®

  • CB-X Original U-Rings for CB-X Chastity Devices

    CB-X Original U-Rings – Black

  • CB-X Original Pink U-Rings 1-5

    CB-X Original U-Rings – Pink


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