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Great Beginner or Intermediate Pick
Takes a few days of getting used to, but currently (after a week of training) I am using the CB-6000 around the clock minus when going to the gym.

You have to choose between 100 % comfortable (using larger rings) and 100 % secure (smaller ones) but as long as you have discipline or supervision that isn’t a problem.

CB-6000 Camouflage Buyer

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CB-6000 Camouflage Package

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My wife and I purchased this product as an introduction to chastity play. The CB6000-S is a quality product and easy to use. It fitted me perfectly and was comfortable to wear from the outset.

It’s a real turn-on for my wife and I can’t believe it took this long to buying one.

CB-6000S Clear Buyer

Verified Buyer

I am locked in Chastity full time and this is my cage of choice. Very comfortable to wear for long periods, although I am particularly small (3.5 inches). But even being so small, this cage is nice and snug and restricts even me from being able to get hard. Love its cute pink colour. It colour and petite size make it feel so girly and look amazing in a cute pair of panties.

Looking down at it now, so happy I have it on and doubting if it will ever come off.

CB-X 6000S Pink Buyer

Verified Buyer

My partner and I were new to chastity. Fortunately for us we chose the CB-6000 as our first device. The variety of rings, pins and spacers make it an event in itself.

Once we found the right fit, we were away. In our house, it works both ways.

CB-6000 Chrome Buyer

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CB-6000 Pink Package

Wife always mentioned that she wanted to try this to make me a better lover. Since then been interested. Came home from work to find out she had ordered. It been released once in last two weeks and never been so sexual frustrated. Was scared once it was locked. Now I’m just waiting till next unlock.

Number tags mean I can’t even get the spare key. Great addition. Definitely buying more.

CB-6000 Pink Buyer

Verified Buyer

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