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Single-Use Individually Numbered Plastic locks

Single-Use Individually Numbered Plastic locks

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CB-X® Chastity single-use individually numbered plastic locks are available in a 10 or 30 pack. Make travel easy while wearing your chastity device and discreetly pass through TSA, or any metal detector, with these one-time use plastic locks. These locks work great for business trips, or for the user who prefers a more low-profile and discreet look & feel to their chastity experience. They take the place of the Master Lock on your chastity kit and must be cut off for device removal. Each lock is individually numbered so if you cut it off, you're caught!

Product features:

  • Discreet TSA passage
  • Safe for metal detectors
  • Individually numbered
  • 10 Pack
  • 30 Pack
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