Meet Mini Me and Mr. Stubb

Oct 29, 2020Press


Now available, CB-X introduces the Mini Me 1 1/4″ (31.75mm) and Mr. Stubb  1 3/4″ (44.45mm) cock cages for you and your keyholder’s delight. Much awaited these new cock cages share the same great hallmarks as our other models including hypoallergenic polycarbonate, our innovative locking ring design, and hygienic cleaning vents for a fresh lockdown.

As with our other kits, Mini Me and Mr. Stubb are premiering with everything included to get started and enjoy your life in sensual denial.

Introducing Mini Me and Mr. Stubb


Stepping down from our original sizes and going even smaller than the CB-6000S® we are providing much what the Male Chastity community has wanted. Trusted as the #1 Male Chastity brand we created the Mini Me and Mr. Stubb to provide more options for our customers to choose from enabling to pick the perfect size cock cage for them.

Mini Me - Smallest Chastity Cage from CB-X
Mini Me – Clear Kit

Mr Stubb – Clear Kit

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