Three Ways to Pleasure a Penis Locked in a Chastity Cage

Three Ways to Pleasure a Penis Locked in a Chastity Cage

Some may say that the entire purpose of wearing a chastity cage is to prevent erections and/or orgasms. And that is true for many people wearing a male chastity device, but not every single one. Chastity devices are suitable for long-term wear (or “permanent chastity in some cases), but they are also a great couples sex toy, too. 

One commonly asked question we get from chastity cage beginners is, “can I orgasm while wearing a chastity cage?” The answer is yes. While a chastity device will prevent the wearer from achieving a full erection, you don’t need an erection to orgasm. 

We aren’t here to promote disobedience, though. So fair warning - if you have consensually agreed to restrict your orgasms when your penis is locked in chastity, either from self-regulation, as a game with your partner, or for your chastity Keyholder, you may want to stop reading! However, if you want to know how to pleasure a penis locked in chastity, whether yours or a partner’s, then keep reading. 

1: Testicle stimulation

Although the testicles may be sensitive, they are not entirely off-limits for penis owners who wear chastity cages. A cock cage will prevent all access to the penis, but the testicles are fully-exposed. And as most people know, the testicles are an incredibly sensitive zone. Whether it's a slight tap or a full-on collision, the pain can be no joke. (Cock and ball torture is a thing…but we will save that for another blog.) In this blog, we are referring to ball play as a gateway to pleasure over pain, thanks to a plethora of nerve endings located there. With the right touch – or vibration strength – the testicles can be a source of mind-blowing sensations and very intense orgasms. 

Based on our research, the most popular sex toy for penises wearing a chastity device is the Magic Wand Mini vibrating massager. (Yes, this is the same sex toy that was originally known as the Hitachi Magic Wand massager.) Many penis owners prefer the Magic Wand Mini over the Magic Wand rechargeable vibrator because it has a more compact head, but that is entirely up to personal preference. Adding vibration to the testicles or the perineum can be a way to achieve orgasm with no penis stimulation at all. Some men who wear chastity cages enjoy sitting or rocking on the head of a wand vibrator. This technique applies direct pressure to the external perineum (P-spot), or the taint, which is a powerful pleasure zone. Creating light circles on the testicles is another way to experiment with vibration on the balls.

Ultimately, the idea of vibration on the balls may sound appealing to you, or not at all. The best way to find out is to give it a spin! Starting with a palm-sized wand vibrator may be a more discreet option for wand vibrator beginners. Alternatively, you can stimulate the balls without vibration by squeezing carefully, rhythmic tapping, gentle tugging, downward-angle strokes, or rolling the balls softly in the hands like a set of dice. 

2: Nipple stimulation

Often an underrated erogenous zone, nipple stimulation can boost your pleasure and arousal levels! Many people enjoy light or intense nipple play during sexual activities, but nipple play is its own arena of pleasure on its own. Some people can even experience a “nipplegasm” - the ability to reach orgasm through nipple stimulation alone! Some people enjoy teasing the nipples because it can be slow and erotic, like using temperature play to enhance arousal with ice cubes or hot wax drippings. As an alternative, a nipple arousal balm can achieve a cooling sensation without any clean-up. 

On the other hand, nipple play can be as intense as you prefer, and allows people the chance to explore the dynamic of pain and pleasure at their own pace. Nipple clamps are a great way to experience nipple stimulation on your own if you are wearing a chastity device, whether you are alone or playing with a partner. A set of Japanese clover-style nipple clamps apply a firm amount of pressure when they are initially placed on the nipples. One unique feature about clover-style nipple clamps is that they intensify their pinch when the metal chain is pulled. Explore your threshold for intensity one tug at a time. To add a bigger thrill to nipple stimulation, we recommend trying a wearable butt plug that stimulates the prostate simultaneously. 

3: Prostate play

Something as intimate as exploring internal prostate play can be intimidating for a variety of reasons. But with the right knowledge and preparation, anyone curious about prostate orgasms can enjoy intensely pleasurable P-spot stimulation safely and confidently. First and foremost (and we cannot state this enough), do not forget to use lube!

The prostate is located about two inches inside the rectum, between the rectum and the penis, and is a small muscular gland that produces the seminal fluid found in ejaculate. The prostate feels like a fleshy bulb of tissue on the front wall of the rectal lining. Because it is surrounded by nerve endings, it has the ability to produce mind-blowing prostate orgasms. 

There are two types of butt plugs that are ideal for beginner’s prostate play. One example is using a set of silicone anal beads, or experimenting with an anal vibrator. The shape allows you to work your way up as your muscles acclimate to anal penetration, while vibration helps to relax and stimulate the muscles during penetration. The other example is using a prostate-specific toy like the We Vibe Vector. Vector is flexible, hands-free and adjusts to your body — so you can hit the P-spot effortlessly once inserted.

Achieving a prostate orgasm is a process that includes many variables! It’s not all about finding the perfect P-spot toy. It combines the right type (and amount) of lube, the most comfortable position/s, practice and patience.


We hope that these creative chastity play tips provided some insight and/or inspiration for your chastity experience. Depending on your arrangement, there is always room to think outside the box, even if the penis is locked in a chastity cage.

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