Masturbation May Affirmations for Chastity Cage Wearers

Masturbation May Affirmations for Chastity Cage Wearers

Welcome to Masturbation May!

In this blog, we are channeling the spirit of Stuart Smalley to bring a dose of positivity, and self-control to support the cocks who are locked up chastity cages throughout this annual monthly observance. 

Through these uplifting affirmations and gentle encouragement, we aim to help you navigate any potential Masturbation May temptation or frustration with confidence and grace.

If you aren’t familiar with Stuart Smalley, enjoy a sample of his uplifting (and comical) affirmations practice by watching the video below.

(Otherwise, this whole blog is going to sound really off-brand for us.)

Here are 25 chastity affirmations for Masturbation May: 

  1. I deserve love, and that means keeping my precious parts under lock and key!
  2. I am entitled to my desires…when my cock isn’t locked.
  3. I'm good enough to resist temptation, and gosh darn it, people like me for it!
  4. Every time I hear that lock click, I'm reminded that I'm in charge of my desires!
  5. No thrills, no spills, just me and my trusty chastity cage, living our best lives!
  6. I'm locking up more than just my urges; I'm locking in my commitment to self-control!
  7. Every time I feel the squeeze, I know I'm on the path to a better me!
  8. No keys to the kingdom here! Just me, myself, and my journey of self-restraint!
  9. Every day without release is another day I prove I can handle anything life throws at me.
  10. No climax? No problem! I'm too busy being fabulous!
  11. My hands may roam to my cock, but my heart knows where it belongs: right here, locked up tight!
  12. Taming the tiger within is a full-time job.
  13. Every twitch, every throb, is just my body saying, 'You got this!'
  14. No release? No worries! I'm too busy embracing the joy of self-discipline!
  15. The ache of denial? More like the thrill of self-mastery!
  16. No climax today? That's okay! Tomorrow's another day to shine!
  17. My cock cage is my canvas, and my self-control is the masterpiece. 
  18. Locked up tight, but my spirit soars free. 
  19. Every sigh of longing is just my body's way of saying, 'Keep it up!”
  20. In the kingdom of denial, I am the king of self-control!
  21. Every pang of desire is just a reminder of how strong I am!
  22. Locked up tight, but my spirit is unbreakable!
  23. Aching but compliant, I'm the poster child for self-discipline!
  24. No release, only peace! I'm too busy feeling good about myself!
  25. Every denied climax is just another victory on my journey of self-discovery!

Remember: You're restrained, you're resilient - and doggone it - people respect your boundaries!


Team CB-X

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