Choosing a Safeword for Male Chastity Training

Choosing a Safeword for Male Chastity Training

Chastity cage training involves using a cock cage to prevent a person with a penis from touching their genitals for sexual pleasure. Chastity play is popular with fetishists as well as "vanilla" couples who may not otherwise venture into alt-lifestyle activities.

Incorporating a cock cage into your relationship can help build (or re-establish) trust, improve intimacy, and heat up a relationship that may have lost its spark. You can even use it as a way to help rebuild after infidelity, but if you’re going to play in these waters, you must play safely.

The bottom line is that, if you’re going to purchase a cock cage and begin male chastity training, he must have a safeword. Let’s talk a little about how you choose the right one for your dynamic.

What Is a Safe Word?

Ask any member of the BDSM community about safewords and they’ll tell you one thing for certain: No matter how long they’ve been in the lifestyle or how experienced they may be, they never play without having safeword protocols in place.

Before engaging in kink-related activities, fetish play, BDSM, etc., parties agree on particular words or gestures that will serve as their safeword. When anyone involved in a scene (top or bottom, Dom/sub, etc.) uses their safeword, all activities stop.

Since using a safeword is generally reserved for a time when someone is pushed beyond all reasonable limits, their use is a siren call for providing whatever care that individual may need. So, if your partner uses the safeword, stop whatever you’re doing and tend to them immediately. This is not the time for involving your own emotions or becoming upset. To undermine the use of their safeword would violate your partner’s hard-earned trust.

Using the Traffic Light System in Male Chastity Training

A common system used in dungeons and play spaces around the world is the traffic light system. This protocol is popular because it’s universally understood and there’s no easy way of forgetting your safeword.

When a participant is all good with whatever is going on, they are “green.” If you want to check in with your partner during a scene, ask them for a color. If they tell you they’re green, you can pop back into the scene without breaking the mood.

However, if someone is “yellow,” this is an indication that you should back off somewhat. That may mean lowering the intensity of your physical or verbal actions, etc., but it does not mean that they want you to stop. Ideally, if someone switches from green to yellow, they should let their partner know by simply saying the word “yellow.”

When someone reaches the point of “red,” they simply say the word and everything stops.

Choosing Your Own Safeword or Gesture for Male Chastity Training

If you prefer not to use the traffic light system, you can certainly choose whatever word you’d like to be your safeword. But, although you might think it’s cute to choose something complex, that’s probably a bad idea.

One of the best things about male chastity training and similar types of play is that you can let your mind roam free and get lost in the heat of the moment. Under those circumstances, it can be very hard to remember a complex word.

If you’ll be using any devices that restrict the trainee’s ability to speak (ball gag, etc.) – or if Master or Mistress plans to forbid him from speaking – it’s a good idea to agree on a safe gesture that will stand in place of a safe word.

A popular protocol in BDSM dungeons is to use a small foam ball that the submissive holds in their hand. If at any point they release that ball from their hand, it’s the same as calling out “red.”

Now that you have your safeword, you’re ready to experience male chastity training – if you’ve already gotten your cock cage, that is. If you haven’t, consider choosing the CB-6000, CB-6000S or The Curve from CB-X. The CB-6000 line is the cock cage of choice among the BDSM and fetish community, making it the ideal selection for anyone who aspires to have this experience.

You won’t find a more comfortable, high-quality penis cage in which to lock away your manhood and hand over the key – and yourself – for male chastity training.

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