The Importance of Safe, Sane & Consensual (SSC) Male Chastity Play

May 28, 2019Learn, Male Chastity

The BDSM community uses many acronyms to refer to alternative lifestyle concepts but, among those, perhaps none is as important as SSC – safe, sane and consensual – when you engage in MALE CHASTITY practices.

Whether you’re planning to cage that cock full-time or you and your partner enjoy playing with a penis lock just on the weekends, keeping your activities within the SSC realm ensures that a good time will be had by all – and no one will sustain any damage, physically or emotionally.

The concept of SSC starts with a foundation of trust. When you engage in male chastity play, trust is a must.

Why SSC Is Critical in Male Chastity Play

Although being controlled with a penis cage is a common male fantasy, actually trying it requires a big leap of faith – especially when handing the key off to another person. The Keyholder, on the other hand, must trust their partner to communicate clearly and, if necessary, use their safeword if things get too intense.

In addition to safety and sanity, everything you do must be done with full awareness and agreement of the parties involved. This is why you discuss limits with each other and under no circumstances can you ever cross those lines.

Doing so suddenly makes your play non-consensual. And that’s where trust is lost and someone could get hurt.

How to Keep Your Male Chastity Practice SSC

Having a frank discussion about limits is a great start to SSC-based MALE CHASTITY PLAY. But sometimes it helps to discuss fantasies with your partner too. Unless you have an established history of playing with a penis cage together, it’s hard to know what’s on your partner’s mind.

If you play occasionally – sometimes called “scening” in the alt-lifestyle vernacular – it’s good to talk through your scene before you start. Although that may sound a little like a spoiler, this is a safer approach, at least until you have the chance to get to know your partner and how they like things to go.

On the other hand, if you plan to build a full- or part-time lifestyle around male chastity practice, you’ll have more time to find your grove together. Just be sure you keep the lines of dialogue open because locking someone’s manhood in a penis cage can bring out all sorts of feelings and emotions – sometimes surprising ones – on both sides.

SSC Tips to for Selecting a Penis Lock

Safety comes first in SSC for a good reason. Yes, using a cock cage can involve a little S & M (or a lot, as you prefer), but we never want to cross the line of “bad” pain or permanent damage.

For male chastity play, that means choosing the right penis cage. Many of the world’s most experienced fetishists choose the CB-6000 from CB-X. These devices are well-designed and well-made, using high-quality medical-grade polycarbonate. The CB-6000 comes in varying sizes, to ensure a safe, comfortable fit. And, because we all prefer different shades of grey (or gold, or wood-grain, or cammo, or PINK…), you can choose the finish that best suits your situation.

With fast and discreet shipping, buying your CB-6000, CB-6000S or The Curve couldn’t be easier. With the right equipment to be safe and a commitment to sanity and consent, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying SSC male chastity play.

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