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CB-X Locking Pins

CB-X Locking Pins

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Find your perfect fitting cock cage with four different sized locking pins to be used with corresponding spacers for CB-X® chastity devices. It is detrimental the fit of your chastity device to use the proper sized locking pin with its corresponding spacer when installing your cock cage. The locking pin and spacer will determine the gap where your scrotum hangs between the base of the device and the cock cage. Too tight and the blood flow to your testicles will be restricted; too loose and the chastity device may slide off.

Product details:

  • Contains one of each locking pin size offered in a complete kit
  • For use with corresponding CB-X® spacers

Proper Fitting: 

Measuring your anatomy is the #1 priority when choosing a chastity device, to ensure a proper fit please visit our Sizing Guide. Using a cock cage or U-ring that is too tight can be the cause of discomfort, urination issues, and/or other comfort concerns, even if the cage is being worn for a short amount of time.

  • A properly-fitted cock cage should be roomy enough to feel comfortable while also preventing a full erection.
  • You must have enough clearance between the base Ring and the cage for a proper fit, and may need to use a longer pin and spacer if you are experiencing improper fit.
  • Please keep in mind that the locking pins and spacers are matched sets and should be kept together.
  • Five different U-ring sizes are included in all complete kits to ensure the most comfortable and precise fit. For larger anatomies, we recommend reviewing the dimensions of our Large and XL U-rings (sold separately) prior to purchase.

Note: CB-X Chastity cages are made of high-performance lightweight polycarbonate, which is designed to prevent stretching, pulling, or weighing down on the penis during use. If you are experiencing discomfort after the device is installed, the pin and spacer may be too short, resulting in the device fitting too tightly around the scrotum and penis shaft. If it feels abnormally tight, it probably is. Trust your intuition!

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