Cage Only

Give yourself endless possibilites with a variety of Cages for your CB-X® Chastity Device

Show off the creative side of your lifestyle by collecting all of the best chastity cages in the world. Add to your collection with individual cages and enjoy the many colorful designs,
fun finishes, and different cage sizes that CB-X® has to offer. These are individual Cage-Only parts, not complete kits.

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  • CB-6000S Gold Cage Only

    CB-6000S® Cage Only – Gold

  • Mini Me - Clear Male Chastity Cage Only

    Mini-Me® Cage Only – Clear

  • Mini Me - Pink Chastity Device Cage Only

    Mini-Me® Cage Only – Pink

  • Mr Stubb - Clear Chastity Cage Only

    Mr Stubb® Cage Only – Clear

  • Mr Stubb - Chastity Cage Only Pink

    Mr Stubb® Cage Only – Pink

  • The Curve Black Chastity Cock Cage

    The Curve® Cage Only – Black

  • The Curve - Clear Male Chastity Cock Cage

    The Curve® Cage Only – Clear

  • The Curve Male Chastity Cage Pink

    The Curve® Cage Only – Pink


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