6 Tips for Exploring Male Chastity Play

Posted by on 3/28/2019 to News
6 Tips for Exploring Male Chastity Play

As much as hard-core kinksters may indulge their fetishes by engaging in male chastity play, this titillating concept is also enjoyed by all kinds of couples looking for a way to spice things up in their relationship. 

Caging his cock is also – believe it or not – a great way to improve trust and intimacy between romantic partners. 

The challenge, if you’re new to the concept of a chastity cage, is knowing how to get started. Our tips will help you navigate this adventure and unlock an exciting new world of sensuality and pleasure.

A 3-Minute History of Penis Chastity

Posted by Sex Positive Safiya on 3/15/2019

Here’s a quick history on penis chastity….in Three minutes or less

Set your timer… Ready, Set, GO!

Male Chastity: Whats in It for the Keyholder?

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Male Chastity: Whats in It for the Keyholder?

If you’re a male chastity fetishist, you already know (or have an idea, if you’re just exploring the possibility) why this kink appeals to you. 

But what does having someone in a cock cage do for the Keyholder? 

Be it Master or Mistress, Daddy or Mommy, Sir, Milady, Lord Master Sparkly Dragon Pants… or any other appellation of respect, you place immense trust in your Keyholder (KH). And, as you consent to hand over an immense level of control to your KH, they consent to taking on that incredible responsibility. 

Almost seems like you’re the one having all the fun, huh? :wink: