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Apr 1, 2010Male Chastity, Press, Reviews

April, 2010 – page 141

Manufacturer: CB-X

 Cages have always been standard items to use for CNB play, but unfortunately men with Prince Albert piercings were left out of the fun and games. Now, A.L. Enterprises have solved that dilemma with the introduction of the PA-5000, specifically designed for the penis with the PA. The cage featured a pocket-like area to house the peircing. The pocket is large enough to accommodate almost any size piercing, as well. Three hooks are included with the cage, and they can be locked into place under the pocket. An additional ring is also included to extend the length of the cage. This is basically one of those products that we saw and wondered, “Why has no one thought of this before?” PA piercings have been around some time now, and have increased in popularity in recent years. Kudos to A.L. Enterprises for thinking of those men and their little men.

Retailing: Chances are if you carry cages, you have customers who would benefit from this.

Materials: Plastic

Display: Shelf

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