Male Chastity Best Sellers

Explore what’s popular in the world of denial play and discover why these toys are a top choice for fetish enthusiasts, dominants, submissives and everyone in between.

Here’s a hint: CB-X’s male chastity devices are shaped like a natural penis for a tight but comfortable fit. In fact, it’s suitable for long-term wear. The cock locks don’t create an extra bulge when worn under your jeans, uniform pants or even your modified French maid costume, so you can wear them in public discreetly. The medical-grade plastic also features several slits on the shaft to make it breathable.

You don’t even have to take the cage off when nature calls; each cage has openings at the end to allow urine to pass.

The Fun in Finishes

To make your experience even more tantalizing, CB-X carries a wide array of product finishes.

Our most popular cages are the ones with clear and pink finishes. Clear penis cages ramp up the tension in any scene by putting your suppressed penis in full view of your Dominant. They constantly tempt you to touch your manhood, but bar any form of masturbation. Your only hope of release is in Master or Mistress’ hands.

The pink cock locks are perfect for another kind of play. This delicately colored penis cage clamps down and around your manhood, preventing you from doing anything with it. After all, nothing makes you feel your forced feminization more than losing your ability to use your penis. The pink hue complements the girly costumes your Keyholder might make you wear or the traditionally feminine tasks you have to accomplish.

Testing Your Limits

Make sure you’re properly equipped before you test the waters. CB-X’s penis cages come with different size rings, so you can find one that fits you perfectly. Or get a ring that will train you for a higher level of play.

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