How a Measure for & Choose the Right Male Chastity Device

Posted by on 4/30/2019 to News
How a Measure for & Choose the Right Male Chastity Device

If you’re embarking on the practice of male chastity, the device you choose is paramount to the success of your endeavor. By selecting the correct size and design, you ensure the comfort and safety of the wearer – whether that’s yourself or your partner.

As you might imagine, you’ll have to take some intimate measurements to ensure you get the right size. But, if you approach it the right way, the two of you can have a little fun while accomplishing this practical process.

Who knows.. maybe when you’re done measuring for his new cock cage, you can measure him for new trousers…

Understanding the Design of Male Chastity Devices

Male chastity devices – sometimes called cock cages or penis cages – are composed of interlocking pieces that fit together a bit like a puzzle.

The basic components involve a u-shaped ring that loops behind the testicles and threads through holes in a base that features three perpendicular pins. Next, a penis cage slides over the shaft and onto the base pins. Finally, the shackle of a small lock slides through a hole in one of the base pins to secure the device.

The design of male chastity cages ensures a safe, comfortable and secure fit – assuming you choose the proper size for the wearer’s anatomy.

The u-ring helps to prevent the wearer from having an orgasm while the cage prevents stimulation and tumesence.

Determining the Right Size for Your Male Chastity Device

Every person with a penis has a unique anatomic structure. Fortunately, advanced technology has allowed penis cage designers and manufacturers to give you a comfortable fit, no matter how your anatomy lays out (within reason, of course).

The most important considerations are the length and girth of the penis and the diameter of the base of the testicles.

You can take your measurements – or measure the intended wearer – using a fabric tailor’s tape or a piece of string and a ruler.

Start by measuring the circumference of the penis behind the testicles. This will determine which u-ring to use as the foundation for your cock cage. The rest of the determination depends on the length and girth of the penis to be caged.

For most penis owners, you’ll want a cock cage that is just slightly shorter than the length of the flaccid shaft. This provides the all-important feeling of being contained without compromising blood flow or the ability to urinate.

Getting into Your Male Chastity Device

Even with a correctly sized penis cage, don’t expect that getting into your male chastity device will be a breeze. In fact, if you’ve selected the correct size, you will have to work a bit to get the device on – and that’s exactly as it should be.

Using a silicone-based lubricant is important (water-based lubes can become unpleasantly sticky inside the cage once moisture evaporates) to accomplish this task. Be sure you are in a relaxed (flaccid) state as you put your cock cage on. Take the time to smooth out any loose skin around the rings to achieve the most comfortable fit and avoid pinching.

If you have selected the CB-6000 male chastity device, you can rest assured that you’ll have the industry’s finest products to work with. You can consult this handy video that explains the assembly and configuration of this innovative penis cage. If you are still having problems getting into your device, look up the “Stocking Trick” method, a sure-fire way to get your penis comfortably seated in your cock lock.

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