CB-3000: For Hellish Teasing and Divine Denial

CB-3000: For Delectable Denial Play

Let the CB-3000be your Master or Mistress’ trusty instrument as they guide you through your release. With its tight fit and secure lock, this cock cage keeps hands away from your penis. Once the lock is fastened, the key — and your freedom — will lie solely in Keyholder’s hands. 

The CB-3000 is slightly shorter and wider than the CB-6000. So expect the same quality confinement, but with subtly different dimensions. You’ll feel a little pinching sensation when you first put it on, dialing up your titillation. Master or Mistress will be pleased to find what a good sub you are to take what they give you. These cock cages come with several different size rings.

Locked for the Long Run

If Master or Mistress commands you to wear a cock cage for extended periods (days, weeks, months — the longer the wait, the sweeter the release), the CB-3000 will keep your naughtiness in line. Its shape follows the line of your manhood closely, leaving no room for an erection or masturbation. It’s lightweight, so you can comfortably wear it when you go out without anyone noticing. It’ll be you and your Dom’s kinky little secret.

Live out your Dom/Sub fantasies with Pink or Clear penis cages. Be ready for exquisite tease sessions with the Clear cock locks that put your suppressed manhood on full display. Yield to your Dom’s whims in Pink cock cages. The CB-3000 delivers nothing but serious male chastity devices.

Savor the ecstasy of total surrender. Get in touch to order the CB-3000 today.
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