Aneros Male G-Spot Stimulator - Click on image to choose size
Aneros Helix Male Prostate Stimulator 4" insertable length

Aneros Male G-Spot Stimulator - Click on image to choose size

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Helix 4" insertable length
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Aneros MGX Male Prostate Stimulator 3.625" insertable length
Aneros SGX Male Prostate Stimulator  3.375" insertable length
Aneros Helix Male Prostate Stimulator  4" insertable length
The Aneros stimulates, circulates, and electrifies all the key components of an orgasm not central to the penis alone something that many men have touted as the best orgasm of their lives.
Made of high quality plastic.  The Aneros is a proven efficacious hands-free self-pivoting mechanism simultaneously massages the male G-spot and perineum culminating in an intensely heightened experience of orgasm. 
To use while wearing a CB-X® device:  Some men can be massaged while still locked in their chastity device, others can't. Again, it simply varies from person to person. For the prostate to be sufficiently full to have any success with this, usually requires at least 7 days of abstinence for most men.
We carry the SGX, MGX, and the Helix models. They are all different but do the same thing in subtle and not so subtle ways. Often men start with either the MGX model.  The SGX is shorter than the MGX.  Perfect for more the advanced, the SGX slim design allows it to maneuver where you want it.  The MGX is the most popular size.  The Helix is a more aggressive contact with the prostate.