About Male Chastity

The world of male Chastity

Welcome to the world of denial play, where your manhood is locked up, and your Dominant plays with you as they please.

CB-X sees to it that you’re caged nice and tight. Our premier male chastity devices prevent you from touching your penis and leave no room for erections. Additionally, the heavy-duty padlocks and individually numbered plastic locks make sure you can’t escape; your only hope for sexual release lies in how well you please Master or Mistress.

Our cock locks have caged many penises, spicing up countless relationships. They help fetish enthusiasts live out fantasies safely and elevate what it means to be a sub.

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Male Chastity Products

Relinquish control of your manhood and lock yourself up in CB-X’s premier male chastity devices. Their natural penis shape makes them comfortable enough to wear for extended periods, and they don’t cause an unnatural bulge in your pants. The products feature an opening at the end of the cage to allow urine to pass (so you can’t make excuses and ask your Keyholder to unlock it).

Our cock locks come in different sizes to cater to different penises and tastes. We carry the CB-6000, the shorter CB-6000 Sport, and the CB-3000, which is shorter and wider than the 6000.

They also come in different finishes. For those who are titillated by you-can-see-but-you-can’t-touch play, we have clear plastic varieties. You can also spice up roleplay scenes with cock locks in gold, chrome, wood, arid camo finishes. Into forced fem? Try our princess-pink cock locks for the ultimate surrender of manhood.


Broke your penis cage? Don’t let that set back your fun! Explore CB-X’s line of male chastity device parts. Hey come in different styles and finishes, such as gold, chrome, clear, and pink.

Looking for a tighter fit? Shop our U-rings in sexy black and cock lock bases. We also carry brass padlocks and combination emergency safes to make denial play extra secure.

For the ultimate experience, try our cb-2000 points of intrigue.

Toys and Extras

Spice up your bedroom play with our line of toys and extras. We carry the We-Vibe Plus 4 and riding crops for your naughtiest nights. Shop our secure brass padlocks and jockstraps for a sexier everyday life. For an extra lay of security, purchase the Keyholders Combination Emergency Safe.

Books and Media

Not everyone is born knowing how to be a good Dom or Sub, but our team is happy to help you out with your explorations! Shop CB-X’s books and media materials on denial play, sexual teasing and male chastity, and you’ll be ready to get locked up or dominate in no time.