#1 Male Chastity Cock Cage

#1 Male Chastity Cock Cage

CB-6000 Review – By Don Rock

Apr 15, 2016Male Chastity, Press, Reviews0 comments

Posted by: Don Rock, April 15, 2016

A few weeks ago I tried a male chastity device called The Curve. While using that product I learned a lot about chastity, and how being teased and sexually deprived for even a small amount of time can lead to lots of pleasure.

Now I’ve been presented with the opportunity to review the CB-6000 Male Chastity Device by CB-X/A.L. Enterprises, Inc. and I already know that it’s going to go good! Even-so, I will touch on every aspect of the CB-6000; from fit to finish, to how well it stands-up under hard use.

The CB-6000 is a fully adjustable, 100% complete, male chastity set-up that can accommodate most men. Whether you are experienced with bondage, have a fetish for being locked-up, or merely want to spice-up your love life, this product has everything that you need.

CB-X offers several different models depending on your penis size and the CB-6000 is what could be considered an average sized unit. The cock-cage gives you 3.25” of length to hold your flaccid penis. Different sized lock-pins and spacers are included that provide more or less length and space if needed.

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